The Beginning of Something New

All it took was one night to realise I need a new beginning.

I usually love any time I get to spend with my best friend as she lives so far away from me now that I don’t see her half as much as I would like to. But last night at her birthday party I was overcome by the realisation that I have no place in her world any more. Not as I am now anyway. After 10 years we are still best friends, but she has a brand new world with brand new people.

To elaborate, moving from Newcastle back home to Sheffield in the Summer of 2013 was the best move I ever made. I have always counted it as my home and I have never come across a place I adore more. But in some ways it was like I was taking a step backwards, I moved back to the place that all of my friends had moved away from.

Basically, it all meant that I had to create a new life in a place where I had already lived one. It was this realisation that I had last night: I became suddenly so shamefully aware that I just haven’t done that.

It is most definitely not 2011 any more and I seem to be the only one left clinging to those times, literally because my life does depend on it. I am alone now because I have been trying to recreate what I had.

So, I need to pull myself together, it is time to move on! I shall be considering this new blog of mine as a record of my triumphs, heartbreaks, realisations and reminiscences as I move away from the familiar.

This blog states a start of something new.

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